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Crossing the Divide: Precarious Work and the Future of Labour

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Untitled: Securing Land Tenure in Urban and Rural South Africa



Denis Hurley<br><i> Truth to Power</i>
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Price: R 230
Publication Date: 2012-10-08
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 1 86914 219 3
Width: 150
Height: 230
Pages: 280

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Published in Focus, the Journal of the Helen Suzman Foundation, Issue 69, June 2013
Review by Bobby Godsell

The American sociologist Peter Berger has produced, more or less, in every decade of his adult life an important book about religion. On the cover of one of these he put a picture of the place of great Italian beauty, Lake Como. Berger asserted that this place of beauty was reason enough to accept that our world had a creator whose design for our universe and our lives was good.


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Denis Hurley was a courageous opponent of South Africa’s apartheid regime for 50 years, dubbed ‘an ecclesiastical Che Guevara’ by a South African official and ‘guardian of the light’ by Alan Paton. He was a champion of the reforms and ‘spirit’ of Vatican II, who was controversial for his views on birth control, married priests, and women’s ordination.


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