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The Black People and Whence They Came



Zulu, William


Ndabenhle William Zulu was born at Nsengeni in the Vryheid district in rural KwaZulu-Natal in 1956. He attended the Nsengeni Mission School. In 1968 he moved to Emondlo Township, where he still lives today. He attended the Ikhethelihle Lower Primary School, where he became interested in drawing. William Zulu then moved onto the Thabani Higher Primary School, but had to leave when he contracted TB.

After a spinal problem and a subsequent operation in 1974, the artist became paralysed from the waist down. While in hospital his artistic talent was discovered by an occupational therapist, who encouraged him to study art at the Rorke's Drift Art Centre. He was in hospital from 1974 to 1976, and on being discharged studied art at the ELC Centre (Rorke's Drift) from 1977 to 1978.

He has exhibited internationally and held his first solo exhibition in 1995 at the African Art Centre in Durban, South Africa. He has art collections displayed at the Durban Art Gallery (South Africa), the Constitutional Court of South Africa in Johannesburg and at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in the USA. At present he is working as a part-time artist and has just completed his autobiography, Spring Will Come.

Spring Will Come
Liyoze Line Nangakithi
Umlingo Wezindaba: isiZulu edition of Our Story Magic

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