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Of Motherhood and Melancholia: Notebook of a Psycho-ethnographer


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Botswana Women Write

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Philosophy on the Border: Decoloniality and the Shudder of the Origin
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Price: R 345
Publication Date: 2019-01-28
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 1 86914 406 7
Width: 170
Height: 230
Pages: 192

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In 2015 and 2016 institutions of higher education across South Africa exploded in a series of protests/revolts, collectively referred to in this volume as #MustFall. An important sub-discourse articulated the student protests/revolt as an iteration of the founding of South Africa as democratic Republic. As such, the protests/revolt constituted a total onslaught on the politico-juridical and epistemological order, which is, in many ways, a continuation of old apartheid into democratic South Africa.

This shudder reverberated through the very foundations of the new Republic and its institutions of higher learning and acted as a catalyst that once and for all propelled us beyond sentimental nationalist notions of ‘Africanising’ this or that and talk of ‘transformation’ carefully circumscribed by neo-liberal commitments to maintaining the status quo. [More]

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