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Our Words, Our Worlds: Writing on Black South African Women Poets, 2000–2018

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The Rise of the African Novel: Politics of Language, Identity and Ownership

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Iimbali zamanyange: Historical poems
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Price: R 160
Publication Date: 2015-03-17
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 1 86914 283 4
Width: 150
Height: 230
Pages: 308

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David Livingstone Phakamile Yali-Manisi (1926–99) was a Thembu imbongi, the most powerful exponent of the art of praise poetry in the Xhosa language, in the second half of the twentieth century. His literary career, however, was blighted by circumstances beyond his control, and he died in total obscurity. Manisi was obliged to seek his audiences throughout the lifetime of South Africa’s reviled policy of apartheid, and the poet’s reputation, initially full of promise, waned as a consequence. He was a lifelong supporter of Nelson Mandela and the author of the earliest poem in praise of Mandela (1954), but he was never able to fulfil his ambition of performing a poem in honour of Mandela in a liberated South Africa.


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