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Real and Imagined Readers: Censorship, Publishing and Reading under Apartheid

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Performing Zimbabwe: A Transdisciplinary Study of Zimbabwean Music

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Magema Fuze: The Making of a Kholwa Intellectual
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Price: R 270
Publication Date: 2011-01-03
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 1 86914 191 2
Width: 150
Height: 220
Pages: 352

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Fuze's life and literary feats
Review by Mpikeleni Duma
The Sowetan
Monday 28 February 2011

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Sunday Times, April 24, 2011
By Jonny Steinberg

Fuze's first book commands us to raise level of debate

Ninety-one years ago in Pietermaritzburg, a book appeared under the title Abantu Abamnyama Lapa Bavela Ngakona, later translated into English as The Black People and Whence They Came. It was the first book written by a Zulu speaker. Its author, an octogenarian named Magema Fuze, had learnt to read and write nearly seven decades earlier at John Colenso's mission at Bishopstowe.

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Monday, 05 September 2011 14:23
Review by Scott Couper


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As the author of Abantu Abamnyama Lapa Bavela Ngakona (1922), Magema Fuze is a classic example of how first-generation converts made the transition from oral to literate cultures, the homestead to the mission and from being ‘native informants’ to being kholwa intellectuals. The kholwa had no secure cultural or political identity, caught as they were in the ‘Natal-Zululand divide’, between the promise of full and equal incorporation into colonial society and the ties that bound them to traditional society and culture.


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